Pour Over Coffee with SweetLeaf® Organic Sweet Drops®

Pour Over Coffee with SweetLeaf® Organic Sweet Drops®



To taste, #copy-of-organic-sweet-drops™-vanilla-creme-288-servings
Hot Water
20g Ground Coffee

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1. Pour hot water through the filter to wet the paper and to warm up the filter and the cup/decanter.

2. Add the ground coffee to the filter.

3. Wet the coffee. Use 60 grams of water (three times the dry weight of ground coffee). Bloom for 30-45 seconds.

4. Pour more water with a rotating movement on the grounds. Let steep for 30 seconds.

5. Use the rest of the water to first clean up the brim of the filter and then pour the rest of the water on the grounds with a rotating movement.

6. Swirl the cup/decanter before serving.

7. Add SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweet Drops®

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