The Best-Tasting Stevia since 1982. We’re not sugarcoating it.

We believe better-for-you sweeteners should taste just as delicious as the real thing.
We love helping people like you sweeten up their lives without
the spike, carbs, or calories of processed sugar.

“Life is meant to be enjoyed, so it’s
never been about restricting sweets or foods for us.
It’s about making easy changes that help us feel better.”

-Liz Ammon, SweetLeaf

A simply sweet

origin story

Our founder, James May, first came across the stevia plant in Paraguay in 1982. He quickly realized that this special little plant had big potential to help people sweeten and enjoy the foods they loved in a healthier way. Soon after, James and his family were hand-packing stevia products in the garage, making deliveries in their car, and educating health food shops on the benefits of a new, healthier sweetener. James’ sweet dream grew and blossomed, and we’re still proudly run by the May family to this day.

Setting the gold
sweetener standard

Since we were first to introduce stevia to the United States and get FDA approval, we’ve had a lot of time to get our secret family recipes just right. And the awards we win year after year for taste, quality and innovation prove we’ve created something truly special and unique. Now, with the introduction of our monk fruit products in 2020, we’re the number one alternative sweetener brand in health food stores nationwide. And we plan to keep getting better, and better for you!