It All Started With a Leaf

It took a single plant to help the idea of a healthy alternative sweetener company to grow.


Who Is SweetLeaf®?

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At our core, we’re a family. A family dedicated to helping other families and individuals live a healthier life. We’re dedicated to the same things that made us proud of our company when it began back in 1982. We believe in quality products filled with only the good stuff. We’re committed to helping people (like you) find a way to sweeten up their favorite recipes without the downsides associated with processed sugar. We offer liquid, granular and powdered stevia and monk fruit products in a variety of flavors you can’t help but enjoy. And above all, we’re here to be your partner in forging a healthy lifestyle, making choices that make you feel good and turning over a new leaf.

A Legacy of Sweetness

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When we say it started with a leaf, we aren’t kidding. SweetLeaf® founder James May was first introduced to the stevia leaf while spending time in Paraguay. As he began learning about this little leaf, he imagined a world where sugar could be naturally replaced. This of course, was no small dream, but like all dreamers, James believed anything was possible. Looking back, we’re proud to say he was right.

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Fast forward and you could find James and his family packaging and labeling herbs in their garage. James would then set out to persuade local health food stores to carry the May family stevia products by transporting them in the back of the family car. As he worked to make his dream a reality, James overcame many obstacles because he knew his mission of bringing alternative sweeteners to the masses was an important one.

These days, we’re pleased to say his hard work paid off. In fact, it’s more alive than ever. SweetLeaf® is now an award-winning stevia company year after year and with the introduction of our monk fruit products in 2020, our impact on the alternative sweetener market is growing. SweetLeaf® was the first stevia manufacturer to be FDA approved in the USA and we boast the number one market share in health food stores across the nation. All along the way, we’ve been thankful for our customers, folks like you who purchase our products, tell your friends about them, and help us continue our mission of bringing healthier choices to the world.


We Make Better Sweeteners

We could sit here and tell you all the things that make SweetLeaf® the ideal choice for your all-natural sweetener needs, but this isn’t really about us, it’s about you. Our sweeteners help you cut sugar out of your life. We make a variety of flavors and types of sweeteners so you’ll find something that fits your lifestyle and your tastebuds. Our products give you a plant-based option for sweetening up that doesn’t cause your blood sugar to spike. You won’t find artificial sweeteners or hidden dietary sugars in our products and you’ll love the taste of our sweeteners because we carefully select our ingredients. We made our products for people who are ready to turn over a new leaf and replace processed sugar with a zero-calorie, delicious, natural alternative, including those with diabetes and special nutritional and dietary needs. We can’t wait for you to find the SweetLeaf® product that adds all-natural sweetness to your life.


Explore Our Sugar Substitutes

product shot of sweetleaf products that use alternative sweeteners for sugar, water flavor drops, and stevia concentrate

Stevia Sweetener

All of our award-winning stevia products are made from all-natural stevia leaves. This powerful sugar substitute gives you all the sweetness without the crash. Available in liquid, granular and powdered forms.

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Monk Fruit Sweetener

Our monk fruit sweeteners are all-natural and derived from the Southeast Asian plant. Known for its potent sweetness, you don’t need much monk fruit sweetener to sweeten up your life. Available in liquid and granular forms.