Starting a new season can be exhilarating. With Spring coming soon, and the time changing again – you have the opportunity to find ways to replace everyday items with more healthy and sustainable options. If you’re ready to Spring clean your life and head into Summer with a healthy outlook, we’ve got the tips for you. 

Donate Neglected Clothing That has Piled Up

Do you know that clothing that’s sitting at the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in years? Start Spring off with a closet clean-out and donate gently used clothing to your local donation center. Taking the time to slow down and evaluate what you use and what you don’t, can help create a more mindful buying habit for future purchases. Not only does cleaning out the closet gives you more room to upgrade your style, but your clothes will continue to be loved by others. 

Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle by Replacing Sugar with a Plant-based Sweetener

Sweeten up by replacing your added sugars with SweetLeaf® products. SweetLeaf® is a plant-based sweetener that is certified paleo and can be the perfect alternative to help reduce calories and promote heart health. SweetLeaf® products include stevia packets, liquid stevia Sweet Drops®, Water Drops®, as well as a variety of baking alternatives. Replacing sugar with a plant-based option is an easy and healthy way to make a change that will make you feel good. 

Give the Gift of Sustainability

Support local and small businesses by buying sustainable gifts for upcoming holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or birthdays. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you don’t think of buying for yourself. Some ideas for sustainable gift-giving include reusable utensils, water bottles, shopping bags, or produce bags. Making small and intentional changes throughout the year can lead to a big impact on our environment and surroundings. 

Set Healthy Habits by Exercising with Family and Friends 

Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy to do alone, but it is much more enjoyable when someone is doing it along with you! Start cultivating a regular exercise routine in the new year by taking a class or walking in the evenings with friends. NBC News reports that over 95 percent of individuals who start a weight-loss program with friends successfully complete the program. 

Enjoy a More Restful Night’s Sleep

The key to a good morning is having a restful night’s sleep. Some ways to start getting the most out of your nighttime routine can include: 

  • Having a cup of herbal tea before bed.
  • Turning off electronics an hour before you sleep. 
  • Limiting caffeine consumption before bedtime. 
  • Setting a consistent time to wake up and fall asleep. 

Utilizing these habits can help to limit distractions and promote a healthy and peaceful environment. However, nothing comes easily, and these habits will have a stronger effect the longer they are put into practice. With a healthy night’s sleep, waking up will be easier and more enjoyable. 

With these tips in mind, your Spring will be happier, healthier and more sustainable than years past. And these simple tips can carry through to the rest of the year creating habits that will keep your priorities in line.

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