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Zero calories, gluten free and keto kind—buy Sweet Drops® online now or in a store near you.

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No matter which flavor you fancy, you’ll find the Sweet Drops® that are right for you. Drop in your morning coffee or tea, bake something tasty or whip up a delicious sauce or marinade for dinner. Not sure your level of sweetness? Start small and add a little to taste until you find the perfect amount! Which flavor will you try first?

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Why Stevia
Sweet Drops®?

Processed sugar is out and an all-natural alternative that is derived from nature is calling your name. You won’t find sugar or calories in our Sweet Drops®. They are free of gluten, aligned with a keto lifestyle, and available in Natural and Organic. Most of all, you can expect delicious flavor and the perfect amount of sweetness. With 17 different flavors and two different sizes, you’ll find a product that tickles your tastebuds and makes you feel good too. Free of added sugar, our Sweet Drops® are a perfect alternative sweetener that fits right into your lifestyle.


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Drops of Delicious

SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops® are the perfect addition to your favorite recipes. Adapt your go-to classics or try whipping up one of our favorite recipes to sweeten up without processed sugar.

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SweetLeaf Homestyle Lemonade®
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Banana Nut Muffins
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