Granular Monk Fruit Sweetener Bag, 800 grams

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Granular Monk Fruit Sweetener Bag, 800 grams
Granular Monk Fruit Sweetener Bag, 800 grams
Granular Monk Fruit Sweetener Bag, 800 grams
Granular Monk Fruit Sweetener Bag, 800 grams

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Product Description

Beat that afternoon sugar crash with our sugar-free Granular Monk Fruit Sweetener. SweetLeaf® Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener is a gluten-free, better-for-you sweetener with zero sugars, zero calories, and a non-glycemic response. Use this in place of any recipe that calls for normal sugar! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Juana Bustillos
Great tasting substitute!

When my husband was diagnosed with diabetes I immediately ordered this for him! There is no after taste, dissolves perfectly. I have it on autoship so he doesn’t go without!

Tammi Hallinan
No after taste.

I love this Granular Monk Fruit Sweetener. I use it in my coffee and it is no different than sugar. Also used to make pumpkin bread...the best ever!!!

Healthy Momma
good quality!

I love using the monk fruit blend. It's great for anyone who needs to be mindful of their blood sugar levels! Taste is great and it melts well. The only thing I would change is the price! It is a bit costly for using on a daily basis.

SweetLeaf has changed my life.

I use this product anywhere I would have used sugar before. Other products can sweeten like sugar but SweetLeaf monk fruit sweetener actually tastes like sugar. It has helped me get my diabetes under control and I have lost 30 pounds. I have recommended this product to many people and will continue to so.

Love love love

Great taste! I use in my tea, no aftertaste. I make cheesecake using this product. Delicious!!