Strawberry Kiwi Spritzer

Strawberry Kiwi Spritzer


8 Squeezes Sweetleaf Strawberry Kiwi Water Drops
12 oz Soda Water
2 Kiwi, peeled & chopped
1 and ½ cups Strawberries, chopped


    1 sliced kiwi
    4 sliced strawberry


      • In a large shaker, add chopped strawberries and kiwis. Muddle with a wooden spoon until the fruit is well mashed.
      • Add ice, SweetLeaf Water Drops and soda water to the shaker.
      • Mix well and pour into glasses.
      • Add sliced strawberries and kiwi to each glass for garnish.

      This recipe is brought to you by SweetLeaf whose now a proud sponsor of the ADA. 

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