Is Keto Right for You? Part 1

Is Keto Right for You? Part 1

Have you ever asked yourself, "Is Keto right for me?"

Well here at SweetLeaf® we want to shed some light on the keto trend and why it could be good for you!

Have you noticed new keto friendly foods are popping up more and more in the grocery aisle? We have! The curiosity around the ketogenic diet (“keto”) has grown in recent years.

The original keto leaders are coming out with cookbooks, new companies are tailoring products to be keto-kind, and newbies are seeking easy options so they can try out the keto lifestyle.

Each year, events dedicated to educating people on the ketogenic diet and its health benefits are hosted around the world. This year, KetoCon located in Austin Texas, the largest keto event dedicated to supporting health and wellness through the keto lifestyle is taking place in April 2023. You will find an abundance of keto friendly, zero sugar products just like our keto friendly Water Drops and Sweeteners.


If you are new to keto, here are a few Keto influencers and authors to check out: 

2 Krazy Ketos: a mother-father YouTube duo who lost over 200 pounds on a keto diet. Their mission is to encourage others to try keto because if they could do it, anyone could.

Maria Emmerich: a best-selling author and nutritionist. She hopes to promote keto food and recipes to aid mental wellness.

Ede Fox: the founder of the Black Carnivore community and dedicated to helping others follow a carnivore diet after losing 80 pounds on the diet herself.

Coach Bronson Dant: an experienced personal trainer, health coach, and gym owner dedicated to making fitness available for everyone. 

Why do people value ketogenic diets and what does it do for a person? 

Many turn to keto food to help them lose weight, but keto diets are also known to prevent health issues that arise because of too much sugar intake. Carbohydrates and sugar are the two main nutrients keto diets strive to cut back on. Carbohydrates are comprised of fiber, starches, and sugars. They are essential food nutrients your body converts into glucose to give the body energy to function. 

However, the typical American ingests too many “simple carbs” which spike blood sugar and can contribute to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol. If carbohydrates and sugars are eliminated as a source of energy, the body is forced to find other sources of energy and begins burning fat instead of sugars. Low sugar intake is a big component of the ketogenic diet and many of us are interested in reducing our overall sugar intake. Take a look at our recipes to see more ways to reduce sugar intake.  

So, Is Keto Right For Me?

Going keto for most people is a big lifestyle change! However, making simple swaps in your day to reduce your overall sugar intake might sound like something you can do. Your on-the-go busy lifestyle can still be healthy!

2 easy ways to reduce your sugar intake:

  • Try reducing sugar in your drinks by drinking more water and using our delicious assorted flavors of Water Drops, like this Raspberry Lemonade flavor! So delicious!
  • You can also try to replace sugar or syrups in your coffee with Sweet Drops for a zero coffee that still have the sweet flavor you crave!
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