How to Make Caramel with Stevia

How to Make Caramel with Stevia

How to Make Caramel with Stevia

Caramel is a tasty confection that can be added to or used as a topper on a variety of different delicious recipes. Although extremely yummy, caramel is full of sugar that can take a toll on your health. For those seeking an alternative way to enjoy caramel treats, using stevia or another sugar substitute is an easy solution. Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar that can easily be substituted in most recipes, including caramel! This alternative sweetener also has a variety of other health benefits for people looking for a way to enjoy their favorite sweets without the added sugar.

Sugar-free Caramel Recipes

So can you make caramel with stevia? Luckily, it is no more complex than making regular caramel! However, there are a couple of tips you will want to keep in mind before getting into your recipe: 

  • Temperature is key when making caramel with stevia, so you will want to check it throughout making your recipe. You will also want to make sure you are not burning the caramel as it cooks. 
  • Remember to keep a gentle, constant stir as you mix the ingredients together.
  • The longer you cook your caramel, the more flavor and golden brown color you will get. 
  • It is most important to remember to use caution when making caramel with stevia. You’ll want to be careful because it gets very hot, and you don't want to burn yourself.

Here is the recipe for a sugar-free caramel sauce: 


  • Large Saucepan
  • Candy Thermometer
  • Whisk



  1. Pour the stevia powder into an even layer onto the sauce pan. 
  2. Whisk until the stevia is melted at medium-high heat. 
  3. Stop whisking once stevia has melted. You can allow it to cook longer depending on the desired flavor and color. 
  4. Add the butter and whisk together. Whisk until butter has combined with stevia.
  5. Gradually pour heavy cream into the caramel and whisk until it is fully incorporated. 
  6. Let cool for 15-20 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

Looking for a sweet snack instead of a topping? Here’s how to make salted caramel squares with stevia:


  • Square Cake Pan
  • Parchment Paper
  • Large Knife


  1. Line a cake pan with parchment paper.
  2. Once all of the ingredients from the previous caramel sauce recipe are incorporated in the saucepan and at the correct temperature, pour the caramel into the cake pan in an even layer.
  3. Let it cool for 20 to 30 minutes before cutting it into squares. If the caramel is too soft to cut, place it in the fridge for 20 minutes to allow it to harden. Enjoy! 

The sweetness doesn’t have to stop here! Do you have a caramel recipe you already know and love? Use our stevia conversion calculator to easily substitute stevia for sugar in your favorite caramels, drinks and desserts. 

Keto Friendly Caramel Sauce

While being a delicious treat, caramel is not healthy and can be too much sugar for those looking for a healthier lifestyle, needing to monitor their blood sugar or cutting sugar out of their diet. When enjoyed in moderation, caramel is a delicious treat for most people. However, it is high in calories and can contribute to weight gain if it is consumed too often. Caramel can also be considered empty calories as there are no vitamins or minerals within it. Empty calories end up leaving less room in your diet for truly nutritious foods that fuel your body. 

As well as this, consuming a lot of caramel (and even sugar) in general means your body is taking in a lot of carbs. When our bodies digest carbs, it contributes to weight gain and increases the risk for diabetes and heart disease. By reducing and consuming less sugar, you are also consuming less carbs and calories, leaving more room for nutrients in your diet.   

Stevia has several health benefits over sugar, which makes the switch to sugar-free caramel easier. For example, stevia can actually aid in weight loss since it has zero calories. It can help lower cholesterol levels as well as reduce blood sugar levels for those looking to lessen added sugar in their diet. Additionally, stevia has zero net carbs, making stevia caramel a keto friendly treat! For many people with dietary restrictions, stevia is the perfect sweetener to help control their sugar intake.

How to use Stevia Caramel Sauce

There are endless ways you can use caramel in your favorite recipes, including cakes, brownies and cupcakes. This can aid in the texture of your recipes and add a touch of buttery sweetness to your dish. One of our favorite uses for caramel is to pour it over the top of recipes like milkshakes and coffees for a subtle sweetness in every sip! 

Coffee and caramel go hand in hand. You can use our stevia caramel sauce as a topper to your coffee creation or mix it in directly to add a velvety finish to your cup of joe. You will want to experiment and adjust the amount of caramel you prefer when adding stevia caramel to your coffee. Since stevia is considered to be much sweeter than sugar, it is important to find the right balance. Once you’ve made your sugar-free caramel, go ahead and try this recipe for a delicious sugar-free caramel mocha iced coffee! And if you’re needing a quick caramel coffee fix, try adding our Caramel Macchiato Monk Fruit Sweetener or Caramel Sweet Drops® to your morning pick-me-up.  

Don’t be mistaken – this sweetness is delicious in more than just coffee. Stevia caramel can be used with any of your favorite recipes that call for caramel or even recipes you could add caramel to! Our recipe for vegan salted coconut caramel ice cream featuring SteviaClear® Sweet Drops® is the perfect base for a drizzle of warm stevia caramel. Or if you are looking for an indulgent treat that is low in carbs, try out our recipe for caramel apple cheesecake bars featuring our Caramel Sweet Drops®! You can even add a touch of salt to give these recipes an extra layer of salted caramel flavor. 

Making Stevia Caramel with SweetLeaf®

It’s hard not to love stevia caramel with such a variety of ways to use it. Stevia is a natural way to sweeten your favorite treats while staying true to your healthy eating habits. No matter if you are keto, gluten-free or just looking to reduce the amount of sugar you consume, stevia caramel is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Looking for sweetness near you? Use this store locator to find your favorite SweetLeaf® products at a local retailer! Check out our other SweetLeaf Stevia Sweeteners for more sweet inspiration. And for recipes and sugar-free tips, explore more of our blogs!

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