Alternative Sweetener Conversion Chart and Calculator

Stevia and monk fruit are excellent substitutes for sugar-free cooking and baking. Using them is an all-natural way to sweeten up without the carbohydrates or calories of sugar. Use the conversion chart below to substitute SweetLeaf® Stevia or Monk Fruit Sweeteners for sugar in all your favorite recipes. You can also utilize our interactive stevia and monk fruit conversion calculator to simplify your sugar swaps.


How to Convert Sugar to Sugar-free

You know those family recipes you have hanging around the house? The ones that you go back to time and time again? We love those recipes, and we want to help you make them even better. Cutting sugar from your favorite recipes is simple with our stevia and monk fruit conversion chart. Print a copy of the Stevia/Monk Fruit Conversion Chart and keep it with your cookbooks and recipes so you’re always ready for quick, calorie-saving conversions from sugar to SweetLeaf®. Or, use our interactive Stevia and Monk Fruit Conversion Calculator, which can convert sugar to an alternative sweetener automatically.

  • Stevia Conversion Chart
  • Monk Fruit Conversion Chart


SweetLeaf® Packets

SweetLeaf® Shaker

SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops®
(2 and 4 oz.)

SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops®
(50 ml)

SweetLeaf® Water Drops®
(48 ml)

Organic Stevia Extract Powder

1 tsp 1/2 packet 1/8-1/10 tsp 5 drops 1 squeeze 1 squeeze 25 mg
2 tsp 1 packet 1/4-1/5 tsp 10 drops 2 squeezes 2 squeezes 50 mg
1 Tbsp 1-1/2 packets 1/3 tsp 15 drops 3 squeezes 3 squeezes 75 mg
1/2 Cup 12 packets 1 Tbsp 1 tsp 1/2 a bottle
(24 squeezes)
1/2 a bottle
(24 squeezes)
1/8 tsp
1 Cup 24 packets 2 Tbsp 2 tsp 1 bootle 1 bottle 1/4 tsp
2 Cups 48 packets 4 Tbsp 4 tsp 2 bottle 2 bottle 1/2 tsp


Monk Fruit Squeezable Sweetener
(50 ml)

Monk Fruit Concentrate Sweetener
(2 oz)

Monk Fruit Sweetener Packets

Monk Fruit Sweetener Granular

1 tsp 1 squeeze 5 drops 1 packet 1 tsp
2 tsp 2 squeezes 10 drops 2 packets 2 tsp
1 Tbsp 3 squeezes 15 drops 3 packets 1 Tbsp
1/2 Cup 24 squeezes 1 tsp 24 packets 1/2 Cup
1 Cup 48 squeezes 2 tsp 48 packets 1 Cup
2 Cups 1 bottle + 16 squeezes 4 tsp 96 packets 2 Cups

Your Stevia and Monk Fruit Conversion Questions Answered

How do I convert sugar to liquid stevia sweetener?

Conversions are simple when substituting sugar for SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops®. For example, a recipe using 1 tablespoon of sugar would use 15 drops of Sweet Drops®.  In addition, our Sweet Drops® come in 16 delicious flavors, so you can customize your recipes any way you want.

Can I bake with stevia sweetener?

Of course! Our Better Than Sugar® Baking Blend bakes, measures and browns just like traditional sugar. You can substitute traditional sugar in your baking recipes at a 1:1 conversion ratio – for example 1 cup of sugar would mean 1 cup of Better Than Sugar® in your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Do monk fruit sweeteners convert like stevia sweeteners do?

Monk fruit sweeteners also make a great swap for sugar. In fact, you can check out our Monk Fruit Sweetener Conversion Chart for all of the details on making the switch.

How do I convert sugar to liquid monk fruit sweetener?

If you are looking to convert sugar to our SweetLeaf® Liquid Monk Fruit Drops, you’re in luck. A swap for these drops looks something like this: a recipe using 1 tablespoon of sugar would use 15 drops of liquid monk fruit sweetener. Our liquid monk fruit sweeteners also come in a variety of fun flavors like Strawberry Guava and Cremé Brulee so you can kick your cooking game up a notch.

Do stevia sweeteners convert like monk fruit sweeteners do?

Yes, our stevia sweeteners also make a great swap for processed sugar. We have information about those conversions and an interactive stevia conversion calculator that makes it simple.


Conversion Calculator

Need to make the conversion quickly and accurately? We can help. Our conversion calculator helps you swap sugar for all of your favorite SweetLeaf® products. Simply plug in your numbers and our calculator will quickly tell you how much powdered stevia replaces a cup of sugar, or how many drops of liquid monk fruit equal a tablespoon of sugar. PRO TIP: Be sure to start decimals with a 0. For example, for 1/4 of a cup enter 0.25, or for 1/2 of a cup enter 0.5.

Amount of Sugar

cups tbsp tsp packets liquid
liquid tsp
Stevia Powder
Better Than Sugar®
Stevia Extract Powder
Liquid Stevia
Organic Monk Fruit Powder
Organic Monk Fruit Liquid

Get Cooking Now!

Now that you know how simple cooking without sugar can be, check out our sugar-free stevia and monk fruit recipes and find a new favorite the whole family will enjoy.

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