6 Spring Foods To Brighten Your Diet | Healthy Lifestyle Tips

As winter winds down and the spring air gifts us with a refreshing blast of vitamin D, we begin to see grass, flowers, and delicious colorful produce breaking through the once frosty surface. Thankfully, with spring comes an abundance of fruits and veggies that will reinstill the feeling of nourishment that accompanies springtime.


Celebrate Earth Day With 5 Green Recipes | Recipes for Success

Earth Day is a holiday that demonstrates support for environmental protection on the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. With spring greens in full swing, now is the time to spruce up your diet in favor of the environment and healthy eating. In the spirit of showing love for Mother Nature, here are a few of our favorite SweetLeaf® green recipes.


Simple Spring Smoothies | Recipes for Success

As the snow melts away and the colors of spring are finally breaking the surface, we can officially welcome the seasonal farmers markets packed with fresh produce that’s just begging to be blended. When it comes to getting your fill of spring refreshments, there’s truly nothing better than a fresh, fruit smoothie! Here are a few of our favorite SweetLeaf® smoothie recipes to help you kick off spring in full swing.


Added Sugars and Heart Health | Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Since 1964, February has been recognized as American Heart Month. Being the largest health threat in America, heart disease is all around us. According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease kills about 2,300 Americans each day. Although there have been many efforts to increase awareness as well as progress in the advancement of medicine, unhealthy lifestyle choices remain the highest threat to combating heart disease.


Valentine’s Day Sweetness | Recipes For Success

Valentine’s Day is all about sweetness. Whether you are focusing your day on self-love, your besties or your sweetheart, sweet treats are an excellent way to say “I love you”. From sugar-free chocolate covered strawberries to lemon raspberry mille-feuilles, here are a few of our favorite SweetLeaf® dessert recipes for your day of love.


5 Healthy Ways to Ring in the New Year | Healthy Lifestyle Tips

There is no better way to begin a new year than by feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Sure, it can be fun to get all dolled up and celebrate at a festive party, but the best way to get your year started off on the right foot is by prioritizing your well-being. We’ve outlined a few healthy tips so you can ring in the new year SweetLeaf® style! 


How to Enjoy the Holidays Sugar-Free | Healthy Lifestyle Tips

The holiday season is the sweetest time of the year, filled with a lot of chocolate, baked goods and delicious drinks. For someone who is interested in cutting back sugar, this can be very dreadful, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many ways you can have a happy and healthy holiday season when it comes to making healthy choices. We have outlined a few of the benefits of eating sugar-free, as well as how to carry out those lifestyle choices during the holidays.


Fall Flavor Round-Up | Recipes for Success

As leaves fall and the weather cools down, it is clear that fall is in the air! These low-carb, sugar-free recipes will have you embracing all things cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Bring your holiday gatherings to the next level with delicious fall flavors!