Sweet Leaf, Holidays and 2023!

Sweet Leaf, Holidays and 2023!

It’s holiday time and that means it’s time to bake. You have family coming over or are expected to feed a slew of people at a party, but are wondering if baking with organic sweeteners will be sufficient to satisfy the over indulgence of the holiday sweet tooth. 

Well…take a deep breath and relax, because it can. 

Not only does SweetLeaf Stevia offer a great alternative to outdated sugar, it also has other great qualities that make for better, more flavorful baking! Now you can be sure that if a guest is following a sugar free diet or has diabetes, they can still enjoy eating your delicious desserts just like all the other guests.  

Check out our Instagram @sweetleaf to see more on measuring tips, products for holiday drinks and baking recipes. 

Quick Tip: Stevia doesn’t caramelize like sugar, so keep an eye on the baking process to ensure to not over bake. Use a toothpick occasionally to ensure your dessert is cooked to perfection!

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