5 Ways To Ring In The New Year | Healthy Lifestyle Tips

5 Ways To Ring In The New Year | Healthy Lifestyle Tips

There is no better way to begin a new year than by feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Sure, it can be fun to get all dolled up and celebrate at a festive party, but the best way to get your year started off on the right foot is by prioritizing your well-being. We’ve outlined a few healthy tips so you can ring in the new year SweetLeaf® style!

Be Active

Who says you have to stay up until midnight to celebrate the new year? Channel your old childhood celebrations and watch the ball drop as the east coast hits midnight, then cuddle up and get a full night’s rest. You will wake up in the new year feeling well rested and energized for what’s to come!

Drink Responsibly

While popping Champagne to celebrate the beginning of another year is fun, the feeling you may have the next morning is not. To ensure you are letting loose while still feeling good, we compiled a few tips for drinking responsibly:

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before
  • Do not drink on an empty stomach
  • Stay hydrated
  • Replenish with healthy foods the next day

Staying away from sugary drinks can also help prevent fatigue the next day. Bring your favorite flavor of Sweet Drops® to your New Years celebration so you can enjoy a sweet drink, minus the sugar crash!


Although some people equate giving back with certain holidays, New Years is an excellent time to volunteer! You can find many organizations near you online that could use a helping hand, and you will be making the new year better for others. Reflect on your prosperity of the past year and share that success with those in need!

Make A Nutritious Dinner

Make your last meal of the year one to remember, with a delicious and nutritious dinner! These recipes are worthy of a celebration, whether you are enjoying a relaxed night in or fueling up for a night out.

  • Low-Carb Citrus Glazed Salmon
  • Sweet and Savory Chicken with Cauliflower Rice
  • Asian Braised Short Ribs

For all of your sugar-free needs, SweetLeaf® has many deliciously sweet options for you to enjoy. To see our entire family of products, visit https://www.sweetleaf.com.

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