SweetLeaf On Wheels

SweetLeaf On Wheels

SweetLeaf has been on the road since UNFI wrapped one of its delivery trucks with the SweetLeaf logo and our products back in April! 

UNFI, United Natural Foods, Inc., is a food distributor based in the U.S. and Canada that focuses on delivering organic food products to stores near you. Both UNFI and SweetLeaf are dedicated to providing consumers with natural products, creating the perfect pairing to satisfy your needs.  

UNFI’s SweetLeaf truck has been traveling since April 3, delivering products to various natural food stores such as Whole Foods and Sprouts before making its way to SweetLeaf’s home in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 1. 

The truck showcases SweetLeaf’s powder sweeteners, including those sweetened by monk fruit, and our 50%-reduced calorie sweeteners. Check out UNFI’s Instagram to watch these products on the move! 

SweetLeaf and UNFI are also hosting a contest to win some SweetLeaf products and swag! If you see the SweetLeaf truck out in the wild, snap a picture of it and send it through Instagram Direct Messages to either @sweetleaf or @unfidiscover to enter the contest. More information can be found on both Instagram pages! We can’t wait for you to see it! 

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