Hello Magazine Reveals Victoria Beckham’s Search for Sweet Drops®

Hello Magazine Reveals Victoria Beckham’s Search for Sweet Drops®

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham made an Instagram plea to her fans to help her find SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops® while staying in London. Saying she was “totally into these Sweet Drops®,” Victoria just made Sweet Drops® the Posh sweetener of choice, and Hello has the whole story.

Victoria Beckham has revealed her favourite way to sweeten her morning coffee and breakfast without breaking her healthy diet. The fashion designer is a fan of liquid Stevia drops, which are sugar-free and calorie-free, yet will add a sweet flavour to her favourite foods.

The mum-of-four shared a photo of two chocolate and caramel flavour sweeteners next to her coffee on Monday morning, telling fans: "I am totally into these 'sweet drops'. Anyone know where I can get them in London??"

Victoria Beckham adds liquid stevia to her breakfast and coffee

The sweeteners in question are SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia, which are sold widely in the US but aren't as easily available in the UK. They are available in a number of flavours, such as coconut and vanilla, and are designed as a guilt-free way to sweeten coffee, smoothies, porridge or yoghurts.

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