ABC News in Syracuse Highlights SweetLeaf® Stevia as a Stress Reducer and Health Enhancer

ABC News in Syracuse Highlights SweetLeaf® Stevia as a Stress Reducer and Health Enhancer

How To Reduce Stress and Restore Gut Health

April is Stress Awareness Month and everyone can relate to experiencing some form of stress in their lives but if it complicates your health then it can become problematic.

Stress can be deadly if left unchecked. It is often referred to as ‘the silent killer,’ because even though it’s effects are not immediately shown, it can lead to several serious health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

The biochemical changes that occur during times of stress have a significant and immediate impact on gut and gut function, potentially leading to inflammation and increased gut permeability. This is why Nutritionist Kelly Springer says it’s so important to spread awareness about stress, not just during the month of April, but all year round. Springer recommends four ways that everyone can restore gut health and help reduce stress:

1.Drink Water

Springer says that staying hydrated will help to reduce cortisone levels but often times many people struggle with drinking plain water. She suggests using the natural Stevia Sweetener SweetLeaf which has no artificial coloring or flavoring.

2. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can cause havoc on the GI tract and Springer suggests using ‘Stevia’ which is a natural sweeteners that is naturally sweeter than sugar.

3. Take Probiotics

The probiotic “Just Thrive” has been proven to get to the small intestine and help form an antioxidant which helps heal the gut lining and give that good probiotic, the boost it needs. It’s also simple and easy to take, just one capsule a day.

4. Get Antioxidants

‘Honey on the Go’ has antioxidants that will help the inflammation in our bodies. Kelly says to always take any sort of supplement with food.

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