Everyone looks forward to spring—and this Spring there’s even more to look forward to! SweetLeaf has announced new products debuting on store shelves, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

You’ll find our new SweetLeaf® Water Drops® are already in stores, and we’ve added two exhilarating flavors, Mixed Berry and Tropical Punch, which will wake up your taste buds! Plus, we’ve increased the number of servings in each Water Drops bottle. And our award-winning, no-sugar, zero-calorie water enhancer comes in a BPA-free bottle, so no potentially harmful chemicals—just pure satisfaction!

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<p>With warmer weather approaching, it’s important to stay hydrated. With six delicious flavors, Water Drops provides so many tasty, hydrating options. Plain water comes alive with combinations like Peach Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, Tropical Punch or Mixed Berry. One squeeze and plain, bottled water becomes a flavorful refreshment. Or, put even more sparkle in sparkling water with the taste of warm-weather classics like Lemon Lime or Raspberry Lemonade. Stay hydrated deliciously by adding Water Drops—the better-for-you beverage with no sugars and no artificial sweeteners.</p>
<p>Try each of our Water Drops’ six delicious flavors. <a href=Find in a store near you or ship directly to your door by shopping online.

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