Prepare espresso/coffee and pour into a coffee cup. Froth milk. Pour frothed milk into the coffee cup over the espresso/coffee (scoop out the froth from the frother onto the top of the drink).

Add all flavors and stir gently to keep froth from disappearing, but at the same time, make sure the froth is stirred to add the Sweet Drops flavors to it.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories: 63
  • Carbs: 2g

  • Fats: 4g

  • Protein: 1g

  • Sodium: 201mg
  • Sugar: 0g

Recipe Notes

Coffee works great instead of espresso, as long as it’s strong. I prefer a breakfast blend since the taste is light and the caffeine is heavier.

I use the Verismo frother without the metal ring, to keep the amount of the foam down, but any frother would work.

Naturally, the amounts of espresso/coffee and milk can be altered to what you see fit.

Add cocoa shavings for an extra kick.

The flavor measurements can be altered to taste.

Another fun trick: For a lot of froth foam, add the flavors to the milk before frothing. Make sure to place the metal ring of the Verismo to the tip of the frother. Once the milk is frothed, let it stand for 10-15 seconds to allow the froth to thicken to almost a meringue-type consistency. Pour the frothed milk into the cup over the coffee and scoop the froth out of the frother and onto the top of the drink. The thick froth is delicious! You’ll need a spoon.

Try mixing vanilla with any of the flavors for a great taste.

For a light flavor, mix SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia SteviaClear® Sweet Drops® with any flavor. You get the sweetness with a hint of the flavor.

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