Studies show home-cooked meals benefit spirit, brain, health for all family members

GILBERT, AZ (September 24, 2018) – Wisdom Natural Brands, maker of the SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener family of products, encourages Americans to come together and share meals during September, which is National Family Meals Month. Many studies show that home-cooked meals nourish the spirit, brain and health of all family members—especially these days, when so many are looking for a better solution to avoid added sugars in their diets.

September also marks National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Studies show that the structure of a meal can heavily influence a child’s long-term health. Children and teens who share meals with their family three or more times a week are significantly less likely to be overweight, more likely to eat healthy foods and less likely to have eating disorders, according to a 2014 study, “The Protective Role of Family Meals for Youth Obesity.”

Regular family meals have been linked to positive outcomes for children: higher grades and self-esteem, healthier eating habits and less risky behavior. September was chosen as National Family Meals Month and National Childhood Obesity Awareness month because it’s when most children return to school, which is the perfect time to commit to sharing one more family meal at home per week.
SweetLeaf® has produced an award-winning video, “One Sweet Change,” that highlights the importance of family meals. In the video, a family decides to eschew the distractions of modern-day life by putting their electronic devices in a homemade box into which is carved “Family Time Is Sweet,” while enjoying a nutritious and delicious meal prepared with SweetLeaf® products.

To view the video, click here. For recipes and ways to reduce added sugars in your meals, click here.

Watch SweetLeaf®’s social media sites during September for more information and for contests to promote National Family Meals Month and National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

The American Heart Association recommends a daily added sugar limit of no more than 9 teaspoons/36 grams/150 calories for men, and 6 teaspoons/25 grams/100 calories for women and children (ages 2-19). Children under the age of 2 should not consume added sugars at all. With excessive added dietary sugars linked to increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, SweetLeaf® aims to offer a deliciously satisfying alternative, which can help consumers meet this important recommendation.

SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener has no sugars, zero calories, no artificial sweeteners, and is gluten-free with a non-glycemic response. From SweetLeaf®’s natural and organic packets, to fruit-flavored Water Drops® for a yummy upgrade to still or sparkling water, to the delicious flavors of Sweet Drops® in everyday beverages and foods, the SweetLeaf® family of products adds award-winning taste without the negative health effects of added dietary sugars.

For more information about SweetLeaf®, visit SweetLeaf®.com.

Wisdom Natural Brands®, based in Gilbert, Ariz., has been the leading stevia expert and industry pioneer with its SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener brand for more than 35 years. SweetLeaf® is the only stevia brand winning 31 awards for taste and innovation. SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener has zero calories, a non-glycemic response, no sugars, and no artificial ingredients. Wisdom introduced herbal beverages made from Yerba Maté through its Wisdom of the Ancients® brand, one of the most respected herbal beverage lines in the natural industry. Wisdom of the Ancients herbal beverages are available in bags and loose leaves and come in a variety of beneficial flavors. SweetLeaf® and Wisdom of the Ancients products are available at health food stores, natural stores, supermarkets, and online retailers.

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