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SweetLeaf® Exhibiting Popular Sugar-Free Stevia Sweeteners at Winter Fancy Food Show

Award-winning stevia brand offers a variety of sugar alternatives in booth #773

GILBERT, AZ (January 19, 2017) – The demand for better-for-the-body alternatives to sugar is higher than ever, and to meet this demand SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener offers a full line of stevia products. SweetLeaf®, the stevia brand with more awards than all other low-calorie or no-calorie sweeteners combined, will exhibit at the Specialty Food Association’s 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show in booth #773. Come to the booth to learn more and sample award-winning, no-sugar sweeteners.

SweetLeaf® Featured in The New Fat Flush Plan

SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener is featured in The New Fat Flush Plan, by Ann Louise Gittleman, as the preferred sweetener for lifestyle choices to help achieve lasting weight loss and wellness. The book includes groundbreaking new research, food options, and recipes.

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Diet, Stevia, and Blood Sugar

Carol May, President of Wisdom Natural Brands®, is quoted in a Vitamin Retailer article about how stevia is becoming more important as people look to reduce or eliminate added and hidden sugar from their diets.

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American Heart Association Releases New Statement to Reduce Sugar-Related Health Risks

Stevia pioneer leads the way in eliminating and reducing hidden and added dietary sugars in foods and beverages

GILBERT, AZ (November 11, 2016) Today, it is more difficult than ever to avoid sugar-laden foods and beverages. With convenience foods and pre-packaged items containing hidden yet high quantities of sugar targeted to children and adolescents, it has become an immense challenge to maintain a diet of nutrient-rich foods without the added sugars. “Added Sugars and Cardiovascular Disease in Children: A Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association” shows consuming a high quantity of added sugars makes U.S. children more susceptible to dangerous health complications.

Caramel Sweet Drops® Awarded 2016 Progressive Grocer Editors’ Pick

Travel-friendly sweetener recognized for innovation and taste

GILBERT, AZ (October 3, 2016) – SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener, the brand consistently winning awards for taste and innovation, recently added another honor of achievement. The newest addition to the family of products, SweetLeaf® 50ml Liquid Stevia Caramel Sweet Drops®, garnered the prestigious 2016 Progressive Grocer Editors’ Pick Award.

SweetLeaf® Leadership Comment on Natural Sweetener Trends

Food Business News includes SweetLeaf® in an article about natural sweetener trends. Associate Editor Jeff Gelski speaks with both Carol May, President of Wisdom Natural Brands, SweetLeaf®‘s parent company, and Sai Prakash Chaturvedula, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, about how stevia is being used as an ingredient in many different products.

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