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SweetLeaf® Sweeteners Expand Every Cook’s Repertoire

Gilbert, Arizona (10/22/12) – Just as the changing season brings a palette of colors to the great outdoors, SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener brings a cornucopia of all-natural, zero- or low-calorie products to your cupboards. And even though summer’s glare is just beginning to wane, the biggest baking season of all – fall and winter holidays – is just around the corner.

SweetLeaf® Leads the Way in Flavored Drop Trend

Gilbert, AZ (10/17/12) – More people are moving away from high sugar beverages and opting to exercise control in sweetening and flavoring their own drinks. SweetLeaf® Stevia’s 17 refreshing flavors of its zero-calorie, zero-carbohydrate SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia® Sweet Drops® are available in stores nationwide and have already proven a big hit with consumers. Earlier this year, three new flavors – Coconut, Watermelon and Cola – were added to the popular liquid stevia® product line.

SweetLeaf® to Exhibit at SupplySide West 2012

Gilbert, Arizona (10/15/12) – SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener, the only stevia winning nine international taste awards, will be exhibiting at Booth 20045 at SupplySide West 2012, which is set for November 5-9 in Las Vegas. James A. May, Founder and CEO of Wisdom Natural Brands®, the parent company of SweetLeaf®, will attend and is available for interviews before and during the expo. May, recognized as the “Father of Stevia,” brought stevia to the U.S. three decades ago and is widely recognized for launching the stevia industry worldwide. He can provide consumer and trade media insight on stevia’s use as an ingredient, trends and formulations. Wisdom Natural Brands® is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year.

SweetLeaf® Proud to Sponsor Launch of Marjorie’s Fund

Gilbert, Arizona (10/15/12) – Wisdom Natural Brands®, maker of SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener, is pleased to be a sponsor at the October 18, 2012, launch of Marjorie’s Fund, The Type 1 Diabetes Global Initiative, in New York City. Dr. Jason C. Baker, founder and chairman of the initiative, will share the inspirational story of the fund’s namesake, a friend of his whose diabetes was diagnosed when she was 3, which led to kidney failure and her death at age 29. The mission of Marjorie’s Fund is to empower people in the developing world living with type 1 diabetes to not only survive, but thrive.

SweetLeaf® Encourages Healthier Eating for Kids

Gilbert, Arizona (10/15/12) – SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener, the only all-natural stevia sweetener with zero calories, carbohydrates and glycemic response, is committed to raising awareness of childhood obesity and promoting nutrition. Studies show that one of the best ways to teach children about healthier eating is to involve them more in food choices. A significant part of the current nutrition/fitness movement, including the nationwide Let’s Move! campaign, is aimed at involving children in decisions from meal preparation to grocery shopping in order to teach them healthy eating habits.