Bake Things Sweeter Without the Sugar

SweetLeaf® Better Than Sugar®

Nature’s Sugar Replacement – Stevia

Better Than Sugar® is a zero calorie, all-natural sugar substitute. It tastes, bakes and measures cup for cup just like sugar. With a 1:1 conversion ratio it’s the best option for all of your cooking and baking needs. Start making better-for-you treats today!

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Why Better Than Sugar®?

Better than Sugar® bakes and measures cup-for-cup like sugar — without any of the calories! It is keto friendly, NON-GMO and gluten free certified. From cakes to cookies, fillings to frostings, Better than Sugar® is the natural replacement for any recipe requiring sugar. Zero calories per serving makes it the healthy choice for your entire family, and all of your baking needs. SweetLeaf® Better than Sugar®, helping to bake the world a better place!

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They’re Granular & Powder, and They’re Great

SweetLeaf® Better Than Sugar® is the perfect pantry staple for sugar-free baking. Use granulated and powdered Stevia to replace processed sugar in your favorite recipes or try one of ours! Need help with measurements? Check out our conversion calculator here.

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