Slimmed Down Summer Cocktails | Recipes for Success

As the weather heats up, we’re reaching for those refreshing cocktails. Want a way to enjoy some sweet sips, without all that sugar? Look no further. We’re sharing our favorite sugar-free cocktail recipes with you, so you can beat the heat and still have a treat. 

Meet Monk Fruit | Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Sharing a sweet treat with loved ones is one of life’s greatest joys. But, frequently indulging in processed sugars can cause increased chances of obesity and Type 2 diabetes, which may lead to more serious health risks.

Sweet Summer Snacks | Recipes for Success

Spring is here and with that comes the craving for sweet, fruity snacks to make in your own kitchen. However, most sweet homemade treats can be packed with refined sugars. Here are a few tasty spring treats you can enjoy without the guilt! 

Top 5 Reasons To Replace Sugar | Healthy Lifestyle Tips

At SweetLeaf® we are constantly promoting a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. One way to accomplish that is to replace everyday cane sugar with a healthier alternative. It might seem difficult to identify these hidden sugars in most of your food considering there are over 61 different names for sugar to go by. As they say, what you don’t know won’t kill you, but not in this case. That’s why it is important to be knowledgeable about how sugar is found in your daily diet and the importance of replacing it with healthier alternatives. Here are five reasons to replace regular cane sugar in your daily life. 

5 Sweet Spring Forward Tips | Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Starting a new season can be exhilarating. With Spring coming soon, and the time changing again – you have the opportunity to find ways to replace everyday items with more healthy and sustainable options. If you’re ready to Spring clean your life and head into Summer with a healthy outlook, we’ve got the tips for you. 

national diabetes month

November Is World Diabetes Month

In 1991, in response to the troubling rise of diabetes across the globe, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) designated November 14 as World Diabetes Day. In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution A/RES/61/225, also designating November 14 as World Diabetes Day. Because diabetes awareness is so important, the entire month of November soon became designated as National Diabetes Month.

How Sugar Causes Heart Disease

How Sugar Causes Heart Disease

Books and movies have given us some classic villains. We love to see villains either find redemption or get justice in the end. Popular villains change over time; from Lord Voldemort, Agent Smith, the Joker, Darth Vader, and the Wicked Witch of the West to Richard III and Lady Macbeth.

The foods we eat have also had a long and changing list of villains over time. Coffee, eggs, butter, nuts, meat, salt, chocolate—all have spent time on lists of demonized foods, but nearly all have found some degree of redemption and aren’t nearly as detrimental to good health as once thought.

How Much Sugar Do We Eat? Avoiding Sugar Isn't Easy

How Much Sugar Do We Eat?

You say you’re trying to watch your intake of sugar. You’re not trying to lose weight, although that’s always nice, but you mainly want to be healthier. You’ve cut out candy and desserts, and you’re reading labels and you’re hoping your diet is now fairly free from sugar, right? Well, considering how much sugar Americans consume, and the myriad places it’s hidden, avoiding sugar may not be as easy as it seems.

Sugars Hide in Plain Sight By Using Many Different Names

How Sugar Hides It’s Identity in Your Food

When you hear the word “alias” it’s likely you think of criminals who commonly use a name other than their own to either avoid the law or because it just sounds more descriptive, threatening, or just plain catchy. For example, “Babyface” Nelson’s real name was Lester Gillis. “Machine Gun” Kelly’s real name was George Celino Barnes. Sometimes, a whole string of aliases is used for the same person. For example, Henry McCarty used the aliases William Bonney, Henry Antrim, William McCarty, Kid Antrim, and finally, the one that really stuck, Billy the Kid.