I just wanna tell you how much you mean to my family. About 2 years ago my mom found out she was a diabetic. For about a year she didn’t really care what she ate because she never found anything that was healthy that tasted good. But stevia change that. We now use it to make all of our favorite desserts, sweeten tea, make kool aid, etc. I know we still have a long way to go, but she has now currently lost about 30 lbs from it. I just wanted to say thank you for making a product that changed my mom’s life for the better! I appreciate it.

- Isabelle Arnwine

I’m on a ketogenic diet, and SweetLeaf® is my lifesaver. I use it constantly. I make my own soda with a Soda Stream, and the drops are perfect. I am in love with Vanilla Crème. So versatile. I make a GERD-busting drink with the soda water, my homemade apple cider vinegar, and Vanilla Creme Drops. You have no idea how grateful I am for this natural reflux cure. Your customer service is beyond reproach, and you are one classy business. Thank you.

- Denise P.

Just thought I’d send off a quick message to you guys regarding your sweetener. The votes are in and you guys are the winner in my books! I have tried quite a few stevia sweeteners and you guys come out on top. Some have flavours to them that are too apparent in your cup of coffee, but SweetLeaf® is just right! Wanted to give credit where credit is due : ) One more thing, your customer relation is the best, I had a package where the stevia hardened, for some reason. Sent in the box info and received another in the mail pronto! I wish all companies were so efficient.

- Connie

First, I just want to say I love your product. Well the honest truth is that I cannot live without it. I took your Sweet Drops® with me on my travels through India and Indonesia. And I will never be caught without a bottle in my purse. Thank you, thank you for existing! I have tried many stevia extracts and I have often found myself disappointed by the presence of glycerin or other absurd add-ins and/or a weird aftertaste. You’re the best! Again, thank you for your existence I celebrate you daily!

- Tricia

Just a quick note to let you know how much I LOVE SugarLeaf®. I use it in almost all my baking to replace most or all sugar. My son and other treat eaters never know the difference! I use it in my coffee as well and cereal and such. It’s honestly changed my life! I have finally been able to get away from all the chemical sugar alternatives. I love that it’s processed without chemicals. Thanks for a WONDERFUL product.

- Jessi

Stevia Sweet Drops® Water Love Love Love! Drop some in mineral water and you’ve got a sugar-free soda that tastes amazing! So glad I went for it and tried it.

- Peggy H.

We love your product! I have a little boy, who has sucrose and fructose malabsorption, and stevia is the only sweetener we can use. He loves your vanilla drops in his milk and it makes life easier! Thanks.

- Kebra P.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this email. I am a HUGE fan of your product, SweetLeaf® Stevia. While looking for a sweetener option, I came across your product at my local Publix. I enjoy your product because I have found that it’s one of the VERY few (if not the only) sweetener on the market that includes ONLY natural ingredients AND is a quality product with excellent taste. Since I’ve found SweetLeaf® Stevia, it’s now the only sweetener that I’ll purchase. Thank you again for a superior product.

- ML

I am so thankful for the hard work you do to produce delicious and calorie free Stevia. Thank you! I need to eat basically sugar free due to health reasons, and I was going crazy for even a little sweetness added back into my life, especially in my daily cup of decaf coffee, and SweetLeaf® did this for me! I have also added it to a few small desserts, and it tastes just like sugar! Thank you for all your hard work to produce a delicious and healthy alternative to sugar!
Keep up the good work!

- J

We are so happy with your product. After thorough research, we found that SweetLeaf® is the only product that has no dextrose or maltodextrose! You are also the only company that processes your stevia safely! Thank you for caring so much.

- Jill D.

I use SweetLeaf® on almost everything. It’s not bitter like some I have tried. Try it on your favorite fruit salad, you don’t have to use much at all. My grandkids like to put it on their toast. I melt some butter and milk, 2 packs of SweetLeaf®, and pour over toast. A winner in our house. Another favorite, take a torta, butter it up, add cinnamon and SweetLeaf®, put in microwave and you have a snack that is good for you and quick – enjoy!

- Susan

My father-in-law has diabetes. It’s an Italian family so they bond by eating and show love through cooking. There is no way we would have survived without this product. No weird taste or anything like that.

- Emily H.

I love to sprinkle SweetLeaf® on my raspberries with a splash of cream for breakfast.

- James A.

As a Southern girl, raised on sweet tea, I have come to love SweetLeaf® Sweetener. It allows me to enjoy tea the way I was raised without the calories of sugar.

- Amy R.

Love SweetLeaf®. It is a great flavor, not bitter like some sweeteners. This option has expanded my beverage selections since I usually try and stay away from sugary drinks.

- Becky

It is amazing I’m able to be healthy and still have my coffee in the morning as I am chasing the kids around the house. Thank you, SweetLeaf®!

- Suzanne W.

I am not a big fan of sugar or sweetened drinks but, as the years went by (I am now 52 yrs young!) my body craves for a sweetener for my coffee & tea. Upon finding SweetLeaf® in Ukrop’s, I have not been able to live without it in my daily coffee & tea! I carry several packets with me in my purse wherever I go so that it is readily there when I want it. Thank you so much for making me “sweeter.”

- Denise S.

I love sugar. I cannot lie. However, I also value my health and try to live my life by making good choices. Loving sugar makes this hard sometimes…that is until I found SweetLeaf®. I never liked using artificial sweeteners because of their unnatural sources and unknown effects. Now I can use SweetLeaf® sweetener to fulfill my sugar cravings without being worried about the side effects! Thanks!

- Molly

Using SweetLeaf® Stevia helped me lose over 70 pounds by making my tea, coffee, lemonade, yogurt, oatmeal and more sweet and tasty, naturally. No sugar highs, no wild blood sugar swings, just clean delicious taste. With all the exciting flavors, I’m never bored, and with portable packets, I always have SweetLeaf® conveniently at hand. Thanks, SweetLeaf®!

- Sangha S.

I have been diagnosed as having Type 2 Diabetes and am changing my lifestyle for the better and including a healthier outlook on eating – which includes cutting out unwanted calories in all areas. The SweetLeaf® sweetener has made a huge difference in my eating habits – it has allowed me to enjoy my foods with the addition of the sweetener and not notice a difference in taste at all! This helps me keep my sugar levels on an even keel and is helping with weight loss – all without having to be at the expense of good taste!

- Angie

(Review on SteviaClear® Liquid): Love it, great value, no aftertaste!!!

- Paula M.

(Review on SteviaClear® Liquid): I have used other brands in the last 5 years, SweetLeaf® is the best! The 4oz. is a better deal b/c I use it daily, no need for sugar!

- Erina S.

(Review on SteviaClear® Liquid): This is by far the best stevia product out there in my opinion. I have tried powder and other liquid stevias that I bought at local stores. However, none of them came close to the quality of this company. Not even close! This stevia liquid lasts a long time (1.5 year – 6 mths), and it helped me get off sugar almost totally at one point in time.

- Anonymous

(Review on SteviaClear® Liquid): I carry this stevia everywhere with me. I use it in coffee, tea, plain yogurt, and almost anything else that needs a kick of sweetness. It is fantastic!

- Tara B.

(Review on SteviaClear® Liquid): Stevia Clear has no aftertaste, unlike some powdered stevias, also a bottle lasts me a year or two–very good in tea, coffee, good sugar replacement in plain yogurt, sweetens without the carbs, calories and less costly to buy plain yogurt and sweeten it yourself.

- Anonymous

(Review on SteviaClear® Liquid): I drink a lot of tea (sweetened that is) and wanted a sweetener that wasn’t artificial. I have been using this brand for a while now and really like it. I keep a bottle in my purse for when I go out to eat, and just love it! I even use it to sweeten cereal, oatmeal, other drinks, etc. I have tried other sweeteners and I found this one to be the best tasting. Fantastic product!!

- Jockey F.

While looking for a natural sweetener option, I came across your product at my local Publix. I enjoy your product because I have found that it’s one of the VERY few (if not the only) sweetener on the market that includes ONLY natural ingredients AND is a quality product with excellent taste. Since I’ve found SweetLeaf® Stevia, it’s now the only sweetener that I’ll purchase. Thank you again for a superior product.

- Michelle