As winter winds down and the spring air gifts us with a refreshing blast of vitamin D, we begin to see grass, flowers, and delicious colorful produce breaking through the once frosty surface. Thankfully, with spring comes an abundance of fruits and veggies that will reinstill the feeling of nourishment that accompanies springtime.

Here are a few of the top spring foods to help you introduce more color to your table and cleanse your digestive and immune systems.


Artichokes are known for being hearty spring vegetables that are jam-packed with fiber, protein, and vitamins. In fact, the average-size artichoke contains 10.3 grams of fiber, including a prebiotic soluble fiber that helps with digestion. Introducing artichokes to your spring diet will help you lower your cholesterol and fulfill your daily dose of vitamins.

For a quick and delicious snack, try boiling the artichoke for 20 minutes and dipping the leaves in a simple garlic-infused olive oil mixture.


While fennel is typically considered a winter vegetable, the peak season for this leafy veggie is during the spring. Fennel is not only a yummy, licorice-like flavor punch but is also full of powerful antioxidants. By including fennel in your spring meals, you reduce inflammation and rid your colon of carcinogenic toxins.

So, as you start to substitute those hot winter dinners for refreshing spring salads, consider whipping up a delicious fennel salad with a delectable dijon salad dressing or lemon vinaigrette using our SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Lemon Drop Sweet Drops®.


Asparagus is a staple spring vegetable because it is rich in potassium and low in sodium. This combination helps your body produce electrolytes and actively reduces bloating. Additionally, asparagus offers anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and antioxidants, making it a powerful weight-loss food. In fact, asparagus is one of the healthiest foods for women

Asparagus, on its own, takes merely 10 minutes to prepare and is delicious when sauteed with salt and garlic in a little bit of oil.


Although there’s no shortage of carrots year-round, seasonal, locally sourced carrots are unbeatable. Carrots are known as an anti-aging food because they are packed with vitamin A and antioxidants that provide benefits to hair and skin.

Carrots are incredibly versatile. Whether you are eating them raw with a little dip or steaming them to spruce up your meal, carrots are invaluable to your health.


Most people aren’t the biggest fans of peas and often remember them as the gross green things they pushed around their plates as kids. In reality, peas are a major immunity strengthening and energy-boosting source of antioxidants. 

Peas make for a great additive to some of your favorite meals, including fried rice, chicken alfredo pasta, and so much more.


Just as the sun is finally breaking through the clouds, the sun-like apricots are starting to ripen! Apricots are both delicious and a good source of fiber, iron, and potassium. With these added nutrients, you can improve your digestive system and keep your metabolism running in full force.

Apricots are versatile and can be used to sweeten a spring salad or sauteed to make a delicious compote. These juicy sweet and tart fruits are a spring necessity! 

That said, if you want to spruce up your spring-themed meals, smoothies, or dressings, SweetLeaf® has many deliciously sweet options for you to enjoy.


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